• Easy entry for all providers
  • Real-time calendar checks
  • Real-time service grid checks
  • Parent authorization checks
  • Physician order checks
  • Full control over your data


easyMedicaid™ is your solution for Medicaid billing and Special Education reporting. All schools need to keep track of Medicaid data, but when using the easyMedicaid™ System you are not just storing data for Medicaid students, but for all your Special Education students. This gives you the ability to instantly report on any aspect of the collected data. easyMedicaid™ helps you organize your data, increase compliance and maximize revenues while keeping you in control.

The easyMedicaid™ System will allow your school district to save money by giving you the tools you need to collect and manage your own billing data, and will then provide you with a billing file for reimbursement with the click of a button. Whether you have a third party biller, or you are performing billing tasks in-house, you are responsible for maintaining all needed data and compliance paperwork, so make it easy on yourself with easyMedicaid™!